Easily Mused

A resurgence of 90s and early 2000s nostalgia but make it runway. With Easily Mused i'm toying with a type of youth mode to move my brand forward. Creating a collection of necklaces that on the surface read, easy and amusing.
The Easily Mused collection has brought much joy and fulfillment to my being. In this collection I delve deep and unapologetically into kid core, care-free, saturated luxury. Here I'm interrogating what it means to clash colors and contrasting styles. I'm intentionally being 'over the top' and juvenile by pairing bright smiley face beads and block letters with the elegance and grown-ness of high quality freshwater pearls (a Native Dream staple), semiprecious gemstones like herkimer diamond, clear quartz, aura quartz, and moonstone. Amongst the chaos of color- you'll find lampwork evil eye beads, commonly used for protection against evil, Millefiori style glass flower beads, vinyl trade beads, and red coral and branch coral. To elevate your pieces and create a sense of street-meets-high fashion, you'll be lured in by the use of 14k gold filled chains with selected necklaces. I invite you to indulge in the playfulness of these beaded necklaces and maybe find yourself healing that inner child that a lot of us have made small. My hope and intention is for you to relax, laugh, not take yourself too seriously, and stay curious for that more full sense of self.