About The Maker

Tabitha Hamilton is a gender-defying Jeweler born and raised in Austin, TX. Their family roots run deep in Texas, giving them a deep ancestral connection to the desert, and comfort amongst its big open sky. In 2017 Tabitha picked up their first set of jewelers tools and by the following year was making a business out of their love and appreciation for jewelry, selling at community markets and events. Their work outside of jewelry making involves mutual aid and creating resources within community spaces. In 2020 Tabitha co-founded Black Trans Leadership Austin alongside Naomi Derrick, Lais Milburn and Rocky Lane. Since their birth in 2020, Black Trans Leadership Austin has been able to distribute over 60k in mutual aid to Queer, Trans, Indigenous, Black, and Brown communities in Austin, build and conduct a survey to assess and capture the needs of Black Trans and Gender Expansive Communities, Build a community garden, and initiate a 2 long-term Housing projects. Tabitha's intersecting identities of being queer, non-binary, Black, and Mexican influence the way they show up in their practices. Care and Healing are often centralized with the encouragement to connect frequently to the land.