Inner Knowing
Inner Knowing

Inner Knowing

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Inner Knowing Quartz Earrings for Balance. Clear Quartz Crystal helps us to understand and know our inner power. Understanding that power brings balance, clarity, and truth so you can live at your fullest potential. These earrings are lightweight and move with your body. The gold elements catch the light and flare it back so your presence never goes unnoticed, like a subtle statement. Inner Knowing Quartz Earrings come with sterling silver ear wires for your comfort.

Open Up Circle Earrings

-Contemporary brass design for flow.

-Color: Gold

-Semiprecious gems of Clear Quarts Crystal.

-Sterling Silver hook ear wires for your comfort (can be worn with gauged and stretched ear lobes).

-Easy to dress up or dress down.


-Gender Neutral Design

-Hand Made in Austin, TX