The Cups Earring
The Cups Earring
The Cups Earring

The Cups Earring

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The Cups Earring give a sweet depiction of the elemental symbol for water, the downward facing triangle. This design pulls inspiration from the Minor Arcana cards, Cups, in Tarot, pertaining to emotion, intimacy, dreams and fantasies, love, fulfillment, and loss. The intention for this design is to encourage you to find your flow and follow it. Like a river, steadily moving on its journey- these earrings remind us of the path- not necessarily the destination. 

The Cups

-Earrings are about 3" long and about 3/4's of an inch wide at the top of the triangle.

-Comes with rubber push-back ear stoppers.

-Color: Gold

-Material: Raw Brass and 14K Gold Fill

-14k gold fill earwires for your comfort.

-Extra light weight at .3 oz.

-Comes with one polishing cloth.

-Gender Neutral Design.

-Hand Made in Austin, TX.

-Ships within 1 week of order date.